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By Anne Gregor


Historical Fiction

Raven Byrne is half Irish, half Native American, and wholly devoted to her two sisters. Together, they started their own interior design business in Oklahoma. Nothing diverted their goal – not men and not the tragic death of their parents. If anything, they cleaved tighter to one another. When they get hired to decorate Wolves Irish Pub & Eatery by Tulsa oil billionaires, the O’Faolains, Raven knows this is their big chance. 

Anne Gregor

I have a masters in history, and for my thesis, I focused on Irish immigrants working the transcontinental railroad across America, specifically those who settled in Oklahoma amongst Native Americans. A love for research turned into a love for fictional writing, and soon, every old document I’d ever studied became the premise for a novel. I dreamed of the characters in this book for years, and The Irish Wolves represents their descendants story. I’ve been writing book reviews for several years and am a freelance proofreader and editor. Oklahoma is near and dear to my heart as I live on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees. 

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