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“You told me to go away,” he said. “But that was fifteen years or so ago, Was there a time limit?”
“Fourteen,” she said. “It was fourteen years ago.”


Someone to Care is the fourth installment in Mary Balogh’s Westcott series. Balogh is certainly on trend with Miss Viola Kingsley’s story! Viola is a middle-aged woman (42 to be exact, which is a few years younger than myself, and I admit to forcing my fingers to type middle-aged), whose life was thrown into turmoil in the first book in the series, Someone to Love.

Miss Kingsley, mother of three, and newly single (or not so newly considering she was never actually married – a special thanks to the late Earl of Riverdale, aka Mr. Bigamous) is having a bit of a mid-life crisis. Enter the Marquess of Dorchester, Marcel Lamarr, also floundering at life, and the spark that has smoldered between the two from some brief encounter fourteen years prior ignites.

Both Viola and Marcel are of an age that they each have grown children and the interactions between the parents and progeny are so well done that the dimensions of the two adults are broadened, more developed, and most importantly, believable.

I hesitate to state the obvious, but as this is a series, reading them in order is necessary!

I got into the Westcott books having enjoyed her Survivors’ Club series already. They are neither too serious, nor too light, but there are wonderful moments when you find yourself smiling or your stomach aching in sympathy, and you realize that Balogh is an expert at writing human emotions her audience can feel.

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