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“We are partners. Life Partners. Ghostwalkers. There aren’t too many of us in the world and we have to stick together.” Captain Ryland Miller

So, I just recently started reading this series by Feehan. I was trolling new releases and upcoming books when Covert Game caught my eye. That’s when I realized I was looking at the fourteenth (yes! 14th!!) book in the Ghostwalker series. (I will add that I am normally put off, somewhat repelled even, by book covers with real photos of men and women. 😐 I blame my photorealism snobbery for missing out on beginning the series in 2003) As all hardcore readers know, finding a multi-book, long-term series is like knowing you are about to get hot, chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven…every day…for the rest of your life.

The Ghostwalker series is about a group of special ops military toughs asked to join a groundbreaking, scientific experiment to enhance each of the volunteers’ already psychically gifted selves. Captain Ryland Miller, leader of the band of elites, and Lily Whitney, daughter of scientist Peter Whitney, are the leads for Shadow Game. Lily, also a scientist with honed psychic abilities, is called in to give her father assistance with the glitches in the experiment’s program.

Lily first sees Captain Miller in a cage, segregated from his men. (Lily didn’t freak out on her dad quite like I thought she might…) She knows nothing that has happened with the experiment, nor what her father hopes to gain by bringing her on, (Dr. Whitney’s family history, which the author fleshes out, answers the communication breakdown between father and daughter) but, she does know she is hooked well and good the moment her eyes lock on the soldier.

I will admit, the sex scenes may have been a bit too abundant, HOWEVER, I believe it was the author’s intent to show that the pair had a psychic connection that was overwhelming to them. Excessive, but possibly (maybe) necessary. That being said, this book sets the groundwork. Feehan has basically given her readers a GW skeleton guide with Lily and Ryland as the backbone. We meet Ryland’s men (you’ll love them all) who will each get their own book, plus we find out that Dr. Whitney’s military experiment was not his first study group. He started years ago with young, orphaned girls he purchased from all over the world. These girls will surely have their story told, and one can only imagine that the Ghostwalkers and the women from Whitney’s first experiment will collide.

Overall, I am excited to delve into the other characters. I imagine the author’s writing style will have changed, it has been fifteen years, by the time I reach Covert Game, and I can’t wait to see the transformation! I should add that Feehan’s research acumen is top-notch. Her descriptions have such imagery to them that it’ll leave you wondering if this author is an ex-military scientist as well as a hobnobbing socialite!

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