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All the leaders were going to vote on whether or not they would pick a new Fated Alpha if I didn’t come into my shifter powers by the time I was twenty-five: only one year and two hours away. Elizabeth

It seems we’ve arrived in the era of reverse harems – not for the faint of heart my friends. This is the third such series I’ve started in this genre and Ava Mason is holding her own. In case you didn’t look at the description, this is only 112 pages, (most of the selections in this series range from 112 pages to 180) which puts these straight in the novella category, so don’t expect a full-length novel. However, the author is putting out the story in a timely fashion.

Elizabeth’s character is an easy one to relate to. There are many LOL moments listening to her snarky comments, or while she internally debates the wisdom of lying to her dad about eating her birthday chocolate early. What I am trying to convey is that Elizabeth is neither a Joan of Arc or a Snow White, she’s just a regular young woman (except the wolf shifting thing). I like relatable characters, and I like authors who get that.

I also appreciate the author not turning Elizabeth into an immediate BA after her shifter powers came online. She fully admits that she needs training before she can take on the wolves want to take over her pack. We have already discovered that the dragons, Hunter, Christian, Easton, and Avery bring varied personalities along with wide-ranging strengths (and a few weaknesses – surely you don’t want complete perfection). I imagine the upcoming training will give the author ample time to explore the individual relationships.

I look forward to seeing how the separation from her secret boyfriend Aaron plays out with her dragons in the picture. Mason’s storyline game is strong. I will continue to read the series!

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