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Dahlia Le Blanc was the kind of woman most men would want to protect. Very small, very slight, with enormous sad eyes and flawless skin. She looked like a doll with her skin and eyes and wealth of jet black hair.

Dr. Lily Whitney has found Dahlia, a woman who was once in the same psychic experiment group with Lily. I was thrilled to have Dahlia’s story slated for the second book in the series (BECAUSE NICHOLAS ‘NICO’ IS THE ONE TO GO AFTER HER!!). There are not many character types I’m drawn to more than the silent and deadly.

Dahlia has lived a lonely, solitary life. She only leaves her Bayou sanctuary (provided by Dr. Peter Whitney, the man who originally bought her from an orphanage to experiment on – talk about a man of many layers) to work as a cloak and dagger, high-security thief for the military.

Peter Whitney took Dahlia’s childhood from her, and yet, her character is resilient, full of hope and determination. Props to Feehan for finding a fascinating balance between vulnerability and strength.

The reader is still getting to know Ryland’s crew and Mind Game introduces potential new players I hope to see in later books!

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