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Title: Exit Unicorns series
Author: Cindy Brandner

Spindrift – Find out more about Brian Riordan, Casey and Patrick’s father, included is the story of Yevgena.
Bare Knuckle – Patrick and Casey learn that small choices can have grave consequences. To keep his boys safe, Brian Riordan chooses to return to a well-worn path he thought he’d left for good.

            Exit Unicorns – Book 1
            Mermaid in a Bowl of Tears – Book 2
            Flights of Angels – Book 3
            In the Country of Shadows – Book 4

“Even misery is a comfort if it’s what ye are used to an’ we human bein’s are entirely creatures of what is rather than what might be. ‘Tis only in dreams that we believe in what might be.”    Casey Riordan

I have been a reader (obsessed reader) since I was a young girl. Going to the library was my favorite after-school treat. As I’ve gotten older I will read just about any genre (except horror – though I did read Relic years ago, which was pretty intense and loved it!). Historical fiction is still my all-time favorite, where an author seamlessly weaves history and fictitious storylines together.

Rarely am I impressed to the point that I physically NEED to talk about an author’s work as I have been with Cindy Brandner’s Exit Unicorns series. To simply say, “It’s great, you’ve got to try it”, isn’t going to cut it here. Many, many authors can keep a reader’s attention with a solid storyline and believable characters, but Brandner is one of those authors that can keep you riveted, absolutely enthralled. The characters are in your thoughts during the day – you wonder to yourself why he/she didn’t do or say this or that. Now that’s writing! (Plus*** there is a love triangle – now who doesn’t love to read about one of those?! 😉)

This is a series that can stand toe-to-toe with Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series – and by that, I don’t mean that these are great books to read while you wait for another Outlander installment – I mean that this author will take you on a journey just as epic (no time travel…but epic). Brandner will blow you away. Exit Unicorns WILL be the next Starz hit.

So here it is – you are guaranteed to laugh out loud, cry silent tears (maybe not so silent), be hypnotized by gypsy tales, ponder feral children in the Russian wilds, crave a Guinness, yearn for travel, and probably be thankful you weren’t a part of Ireland’s Troubles, (or if you did live in Ireland during such a tumultuous era, you might wish you had met a Jaime, Pamela, or Casey).

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