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The Century Trilogy is a mental, cinematic blockbuster for the literary world. The amount of passion and just plain humanity that Ken Follett pours into his novels is insanity – he is the master of portrait narratives, pen and paper his canvas (If you have never read a work from Follett, First, where have you been? and Second, begin one immediately!).

The reader follows five families who weave in and out of each other’s lives, as wars create power struggles, the families all feel the shifting currents pulling them.  Fall of Giants covers World War I and the Russian Revolution, Winter of the World delves into World War II, and the final installment, Edge of Eternity, focuses on the Cold War (there are numerous political and social events covered in the trilogy as well). Though these are historical fiction, Follett’s accurate portrayals and the effects of major world events connecting people of different backgrounds (especially the plight of the common people) is masterful.

***I would like to note that I have read just about every Ken Follett book and the Century Trilogy rates among the top, but Pillars of the Earth is still my very favorite from this author. Several of Follett’s books made my Top Picks category, be sure to check out some of his other titles there.

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