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“You made a grab for power that almost killed me. This? This hurts worse than that. This feels like someone punched through my ribs, fisted my heart, and squished it to a bloody pulp.”  Grier

This is the third book in The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy series. Yet again Hailey Edwards gives the reader an embarrassment of riches! I’m trying to remember if there were any emotions that didn’t get ticked while reading How to Break an Undead Heart! I know I laughed (a lot), I might have sniffled (a little), was annoyed (ahem – Amelie and Boaz), and I may have written Linus more than once with hearted I’s (whatever -I’ve been team Linus since the beginning) (Grier – get over your childhood crush already) – what can I say – I’m invested. That is why Edwards is one of my favorite authors to read – her descriptions, plot twists, and intense characters are cinematic, mind crack.

I could give you a play by play sketch of the book – but whyyyyyyy???? Trust me, you’ll want to discover what happens all by yourself (I really don’t like plot ruiners!). Suffice it to say, I have read every one of Hailey Edward’s books – they are all good – really good.

**If you love this series you need to check out her newest, The Foundling. The first book, Bayou Born, is darker, and more thrilleresque than Necromancy – intense. Really great. Bone Driven, the second Foundling book just released and I have it queued up to start in a couple of days! Review coming soon.

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