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ZOE. Your name is Zoe Kildare now.
                                     Stella Huntington

Every book in the KGI series rates 5-Stars. Maya Banks is an author who writes Life. She does not shy away from uncomfortable topics (there are times when I have been reading along and realize where the story is going, and I’m like, oh no, oh no, no way). Is physical or mental abuse fun to read? Of course not! But life isn’t always roses! I admire Banks’s determination to be gritty, yet also give her readers hope and joy. You will pretty much feel all the feels with KGI novels, plus all the military special ops…. bonus!

The friendship between Rusty and Zoe – so well written – genuine… I loved Joe in this installment, but I felt like his story took a backseat to the sisterhood, ride or die feels from the girls – and I didn’t mind in the least. Joe and Zoe were not completely overshadowed, it just wasn’t EVERYTHING, perfect.

***Note to Maya Banks – you’re killing me with Rusty and Sean – for the love of God – I NEED their story😊

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