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I wanted you to remember that the cross each of us bears isn’t truly the one that be on our wrists. ‘Tis the one of guilt we carry inside our hearts.     Bella

How in the heck does Sherrilyn Kenyon intertwine so many series and stay sane? The author may not have driven herself crazy yet, but she certainly has mad, mad skill!! Every time I pick up a Kenyon series, I have to stop occasionally and do some mental math (if it’s this year and he’s here, is he also there in that year, and has he already done something in the future to counteract what I just read, so does it mean anything, and, and…….). Seriously, who needs Luminosity Brain Games?

I’ve written this before, but a reader will many times get comfortable with how they feel the story will progress. For this particular book, I didn’t read anything about it – Cover was legit and looked piratey ✓ Fell under the Dark-Hunter World ✓ Sherrilyn Kenyon ✓ It hit all the marks so I just dove in. To say I was thrown for a loop after the first few chapters….. yeah – I was just strolling along with Cameron, and then wham! The author flipped me around and gave me a swift kick into Mara’s arms – didn’t see that one. I admit that it was a lot of fun to not know exactly who the focus would land on, and proves Kenyon’s exceptional style of writing – she fleshes out her cast like a boss!!

Deadmen Walking manages classic badassery, salted with humor and friendship. I can’t wait to dive into Death Doesn’t Bargain!

Sherrilyn Kenyon made my Top Picks list of course so don’t forget to check out some of her other amazing series I have listed there!

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