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Admittedly, I’ve been on a bit of a Donna Grant spree the last couple of years. Once I found her and her library of books – Hooked    ☠   Dark World Lifer

Donna Grant has created the most fantastical Dark World – Fae, Dragon shifters, Druids, Demons, Highlanders!!  I will add links below that will be in the correct reading order for all the series under the Dark World umbrella – the characters are seen floating from series to series and reading them simultaneously is highly recommended.

Of course, Grant has any number of series to choose from, I quite liked  Chiasson and LaRue. I read them together in the order in which they came out because they share characters and I didn’t want to get ahead in one series. (I will always try to add new books coming out in my New Releases calendar).

Dark World

Chiasson and LaRue