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Assail…not your typical Brother – I mean, ex-drug lord and arms dealer (and addict) – his story was dark, (not Vishous or Zsadist dark, but dark) intense, and addicting (not in the bad way).

J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood is an extraordinarily well-written adventure of epic (Game of Thrones epic) proportions. From the first book, Dark Lover, to this latest installment, The Thief, I am a 100% invested! Ward’s writing style is what I judge other series by. There is always a focus on two main’s, but you get to continue many of the Brother’s stories simultaneously (including new characters that you hope have bigger parts).

There is always a yearning involved when a series only briefly touches on the characters that are still around and you’ve grown attached to (and drool over) but no longer get to know ANYTHING they’re doing – the crushing disappointment… Picture getting a single bite of your favorite meal when what you’re craving is a large steak and potato (large like, you’ll win $100 and have your picture taken for the wall if you finish it – large) Can you imagine never learning how Wrath handles his blindness as his son grows, or if Zsadist continues therapy, or if Vishous stays content with Jane, or if Butch decides the Red Sox suck????? You will never be left in the dark with this series.

I hope you have already started this series – if not – you’re diet is lean my friends. This series didn’t end up on my Top Picks list by chance – The Thief is just one more notch on J. R. Ward’s belt of acclaim.

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