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The Immortals After Dark series is now 18 titles strong. The Lore is a world where there is no myth in mythical. Creatures thought to only inhabit tales and fables are very much alive and ready to rumble. These immortal beings walk among the human race, an unknown threat sitting right next to them.

OK. Wicked Abyss.  Stop. SOS (I finished too soon). I’m not going to ♥♥♥ and roses a typical love story review here. Well, this is a love story – and- this is a review – but – there is nothing typical about this book (unless demonic love is trending…).

Abyssian – dying…his character is everything (Shrek(he has layers people) meets Thor amazing) and Calliope, Lila, is brilliant X hotness – but still – I will not gush… WT*E, yes I will! Best Immortal’s book to date – and for crying out loud – I’ve been saying that for years… Kresley Cole – keep doing you.

I have added all the Immortals After Dark book links in my Top Picks category in case you want to look over the author’s many offerings.

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