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The Circle of Ceridwen Saga

Octavia Randolph’s The Circle of Ceridwen series is an epic saga not to be missed. You will become immersed in 9th century Britain, invading Vikings, and characters who will drag you through despair, hope, war, love, and a perseverance to survive. Randolph is a master story-weaver – a modern day bard. Once you begin this series you will wonder how you ever lived not knowing Ceridwen, Gyric, Aelfwyn, and Sidroc!

The meticulous historical detail the author has skillfully woven her story around is reminiscent of a Ken Follett work, think Pillars of the Earth. Below is an excerpt from Octavia Randolph’s Bio from her website, I hope you take the time to visit her. She has numerous articles, pictures, and videos that are well worth looking at!

I write the kind of book I want to read myself. I write about history as a way to better understand my own times. I write about people who are far better, and (I hope) far worse than myself. And beautiful objects inspire me: the hand-carved combs, skilfully wrought swords, and gemmed goblets of the world of The Circle of Ceridwen Saga. Almost everything interests me; I’ve studied Anglo-Saxon and Norse runes, and learnt to spin with a drop spindle. My path has led to extensive on-site research in England, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and Gotland – some of the most wonderful places on Earth. Octavia Randolph

Below are the book links in case I have convinced you that you MUST try this series. ***Note – I am putting the links up in their publication order, however, know that Randolph’s newest release, Sidroc the Dane is a prequel to The Circle of Ceridwen. You can read it last, I did because I had already read the others, but given the choice, I would rather read the prequel first. Enjoy and thank you for visiting my site. Remember, using my links for purchases helps support my site!!