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Let me see – what have I read by Shannon Mayer? Oh right – EVERYTHING! I warn you – be cautious…really think about where your life is now, and where you want it to be. If you’ve never read Shannon Mayer (never read Shannon Mayer – whaaaaat – maybe you just got back from a multi-year Amazon Rainforest Survival Show and you didn’t have books – moisture issues – and you didn’t have a Kindle – WiFi issues) then you don’t realize what you will be giving up by starting one of her series. Better go ahead and send a Relationship Condolence card to your love – you’ll be too busy being an outcast with Larkspur (The Elemental Series). Your best friend getting married – sorry, Rylee Adamson’s not off that day (Rylee Adamson Novels). Work – whoops, can’t make it, Nix is in the middle of another assassination (The Nix Series). Are you picking up what I’m throwing down? Shannon Mayer writes with a hypnotizing pen. You CAN NOT stop once you start!

If you think you can handle it…I have links to each of the series that made my Top Picks list. Enjoy!!

The Nix Series

Desert Cursed Series

***Note – I have separated out the Elemental and Rylee Adamson series below, but the two series interact with one another. You can read them separately or, (how I prefer) simultaneously. I will list the reading order below the Rylee Adamson Novels.

The Elemental Series

Rylee Adamson

The Elemental Series

  1. Recurve
  2. Breakwater
  3. Firestorm
  4. Windburn

The Rylee Adamson Series

  1. Elementally Priceless
  2. Tracking Magic (Note – The author has Elementally Priceless as coming before Tracking Magic in her reading order list – however, Tracking Magic is .25, while Elementally Priceless is .5. So, I’m not sure on those two.
  3. Alex
  4. Priceless
  5. Immune
  6. Raising Innocence
  7. Shadowed Threads
  8. Blind Salvage
  9. Tracker
  10. Guardian
  11. Veiled Threat
  12. Wounded
  13. Stitched
  14. Rising Darkness
  15. Blood of the Lost

The Elemental Series

  1. Rootbound
  2. Ash

Rylee Adamson Epilogues

  1. Rylee
  2. Liam
  3. Pamela
  4. Lynchpin

The Elemental Series

  1. Destroyer
  2. Peta

Questing Witch Series

This newest series by Mayer features Pamela, who we met in the Elemental and Rylee Adamson books.