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I didn’t believe Haley Edwards could top The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy series, or that I could possibly like it better (Necromancy is one of my top five fantasy series right now!), and she didn’t top it and I don’t like it better – I like them equally and for different reasons. So basically…I was blown away. To have an author put out more than one series that I gush over is almost unheard of! (You know when you are in love with a series and you only read the author’s other works to fill up the time until another book drops in your fave….) Not the case with Edwards. The Foundling series is darker and oh, so addictive.

Lucy Boudreau is a conflicted character – who could blame her?! Pre-swamp pull…black void. Then there’s the rose gold metal body art, a constant feeling of not connecting to her own body, and a bizarre, annual birthday call…with no one on the other end (and the old, rotary phone isn’t even plugged in). Luce has pretty much grown up on a LOST set, where she is continuously kept in the dark/fear, but tries to make the best of it (ie: instead of making shelters out of plane wreckage she becomes a police officer like her adoptive dad).

I didn’t know what was around ANY corner of this novel until the author walked me around the corner. Love the combination of mystery, suspense, and fantasy. The second book, Bone Driven, is bound to be killer!

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