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Vivienne Savage dreamed Nova Force and her imagination must have gone into hyper-drive!

Imagine Star Trek (Next Generation of course), Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The League series, and the movie Gamer (doesn’t get better than Gerard Butler) – Xander is the first installment and it is dynamite! The storyline is fast-paced, has complex (BA) characters (picture Spartan warriors fromĀ 300 – I do), aliens, and spaceships – even with all that going for it, it is the relationships the author brings to life that is its biggest draw. Human nature naturally brings with it love and sorrow, life and death, camaraderieĀ and betrayal, as well as brotherhood and isolation.

Don’t expect to find any lulls in the book where you think, OMG, could we move this along – It never slows down! The author knows how to hook her audience to the last word. There are also a couple of surprises where Xander is concerned that you won’t see coming! (After you read the book…my humor here will slay you)

Xander started the series off strong (5-star strong) and I could not put it down. This is not the first book I’ve enjoyed by Savage, her Once Upon a Spell series was excellent (VERY different from Nova Force but still a lot of fun to read!).

I am now in a committed relationship with Nova Force♥ so look for the next book, Kaiden, in my New Releases category for August and get it pre-ordered!

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