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What did I do as soon as I finished Shadow Keeper, the third book in the Shadow Riders series? Almost threw my phone across the room trying to pull up Christine Feehan’s website to see when the next one is coming out and which Ferraro features!! (phones can be tricky when you’re aggressive😐) (also, nothing yet on the next book – agony)

The first book, Shadow Rider is Stefano’s story, the eldest of the Ferraro clan, next is Shadow Reaper starring Ricco Ferraro, and Shadow Keeper gives us Giovanni Ferraro. So was this book as good as one and two – Yesssssssssss. If I were a fortune teller, or maybe a seer (which I most definitely am not – otherwise my percentage of poor decisions would be significantly lower), anyway, if I were, I predict each subsequent Shadow novel will be just as well written, just as addictive, and just as intense (plus – let’s be honest – no one writes a sex scene quite like Christine Feehan)!

Giovanni and Sasha’s story includes murder, mayhem, laughter, love, and tears – add to that a whodunnit mystery AND Sasha’s older, sweet brother – perfect. It IS amazing – but I WANT NEED Emmanuelle and Valentino’s story! (Annnnd Taviano and Vittorio – yes, I’m needy)

I hope you have already started this series (as well as Feehan’s Ghostwalker and Dark series), but if not and I’ve convinced you these books are amazing, help support my site and use the links below!! Thank you for visiting!