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I didn’t find the Once Upon a Spell series by Vivienne Savage until late last year – bright side – I got to read them all in a short period. The last installment¬†was just released this past February.

Remaking a classic, well-known fairytale into an adult fairytale romance – can it be done – should it be done…? Obviously, yes and yes! Savage did something clever and totally unique. We all grew up reading the tales and watching Disney bring them to life (hell, even Barbie did a damn fine job on Rapunzel!) and you will still get the good princess feels reading this series, but the ‘adult’ version here is unexpected and quite enjoyable.

The titles sum up nicely what tale you’ll be delving into, although two of them threw me for a moment.¬†Belle and the Pirate is Tinker Bell and Captain Hook’s story (duh, pirate but Belle…I understood once I started) and Zarina and the Djinn is about Rumpelstiltskin! I can’t say I loved any over the others (although I was dying for the Griffin’s story – don’t ask me – the wings maybe??) (And Tinker Bell, of course, I mean, she’s a tiny fairy – tiny fairy and adult romance….hmmmm….got this cat curious). A great twist that Savage pulled off beautifully was that all the stories and characters are intertwined! I loved that!! Who doesn’t love getting to know characters prior to their actual debut?!

I recommend this series to all who have an inner (kinda improper) prince or princess lurking under the skin! The links above will take you straight to to purchase your copies now! Thank you, as always, for stopping in!