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Three parts – three whole parts just about Constantine – still so many questions! WHY??? I know I’m being led through this dark, briar-infested path for a reason but I need signal flares for the love of God! ***Donna Grant – you know what I want to know (what everyone wants to know… Who in the 😐😐LL is Rhi’s dragon king…is it Con (okay – whine sesh over) (maybe) (FYI – still a little pissy Constantine hooked up with Usaeil)(whoops, whining again).

Back to Part 3 – I thought Ulrik was complicated (seriously – the definition of complicated) but Con is Harvard Honors Abstract Algebra complicated…

A special thank you should be sent to Grant for putting out these short story/novellas in between novels, they are priceless! It isn’t like the reader has not recognized the unrelenting pressure on the King of Dragon Kings, but these Constantine shorts let us really understand how overwhelmed Con is, how he has been to a breaking point for years, what makes him keep going, and how a friendship with a stranger heals some of his self-doubt. The self-reflection, particularly in Part 3, was well written and well received. (Note – Con is still an enigma but perhaps not as untouchable as we once believed)

Question – (and I don’t feel this is a spoiler since Constantine Part I and II went there), what future, or rather present, repercussions unfold due to the long (LONG) friendship between Con and Erith? Something big has to be soaring our way! Perhaps we will get a clue when the sixth Reaper book drops, Dark Alpha’s Hunger August 7, 2018.

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