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Nora Roberts, your skill is fire – smoke, heat, flame – a composition conflagration – an awakening of inner demons and angels… Year One is on another level! Dark and intense – think Walking Dead Season One (minus zombies) and the world chaos of Mad Max (the original 1979 version – Mel Gibson♥) Add to this the supernatural Uncanny – and this series will have you at Hello.

Listen, I’m not remotely embarrassed to admit that I’ve held off reading Year One since I got it last December 2017. I knew the second book wasn’t going to be riding its coattails¬†anytime soon, and I knew from previous Robert series, waiting is a slow torture. I told myself to hold back until the end of September, maybe even October to start – July it is! When this author gives her readers characters to connect with, the bounty overfloweth! In the first chapter, the reader understands that predestination wrote their story, their purpose. I was utterly fascinated to see each weft meticulously¬†woven, the layers combined to make a brilliant beginning to the Chronicles.

The Chronicles of The One series is for avid readers with a rapacious thirst for the best. The ending induces satisfaction, not the astonished wailing of a mangled unfinished thought, or cliff-hanger. Nora Roberts gives the reader what they need – lets you know there is so much more –¬† and makes you, well, satisfied with the waiting.

I hope you try this series! If you already have Bravo!! If not, please help support my site by using the links below to purchase Year One and to preorder the second book in the series Of Blood and Bone. Thank you for visiting and come again!