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The entire Highland Brides series has been such an adventure to read. Admittedly, I was looking forward to Aulay’s story, not just because he is Laird Buchanan, but because of his internal and external wounds. Aulay not only lost his twin brother in battle but also received scarring down his face, add to that a broken engagement… I knew when the author decided to write Aulay’s book it would be well worth the wait.

So now, imagine my surprise when I didn’t get my tears & ice cream blubber fest! I literally guffawed, LOL’d, and squealed at the too embarrassing for words parts (obvi not too embarrassing for Lynsay Sands’ word game)! Sands hit her comedic stride in The Highlander’s Promise – all the books have funny parts for sure, but I think I had such a picture in my mind of how the troubled, eldest brother’s story HAD to go, that when it didn’t match up, it made the grin and snort parts – well, funnier!! (If anyone has read this book and not bubbled with mirth and feel goods – please – call a friend, you need help…)

Yes, this book has awesomely funny parts, but don’t think book 6 is all RomCom – there is sadness, grieving, overcoming, joy, love, and mystery (plenty of mystery – Sands will have you jogging a pretty twisted maze of possibilities before letting you reach the magical fountain in the middle). This is truly a great series, one of many from Lynsay Sands, and I hope you enjoyed this review and decide to jump in!

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