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Medusa – Gorgon of Greek mythology…gaze upon her face – garden fountain accessory. Why this randomness (trust me…I’ll get there!)? I just finished the second book in A Deadman’s Cross series, Death Doesn’t Bargain – AND information overload (btdubs – book was phenom – seriously, seriously good)! I only bring up the profusion of particulars because it can overwhelm mere mortals. While reading you’ll be like (that is if you’re me) what the…who the…say what…need caffeine injection (and brownie)…great, I can’t remember who that is…until finally – Oh God – don’t look too closely…will turn to stone. See, there was a hairy snake point in there somewhere.

Kalder Dupree (dayum) he is completely BA, ruthless in battle, a straight-up virile, aquatic, killing machine – although he easily sets that side of himself away for the kind-hearted (dresses like a man) (occasionally winged) Cameron Jack. Kal and Cam have quite the juxtaposing effect upon one another – Sherrilyn Kenyon has shown us their inner thoughts, listed their many differences (Ummm…one has fins), their bad sides, and their good – and still managed to fit them together like a well-oiled cogwheel.

There are some books that are lounge on the couch, head lolling half off the pillow, leg thrown over the back, book balanced on the pizza box steaming your t-shirt clad stomach, pop on the floor for easy reach, type of read – Death Doesn’t Bargain is NOT one of those – this is a high protein, low carb, health food smoothie type. You will need your wits to follow all the twists and turns – but man is it worth it!!

***Query: Do you think the author owns stock in Post-It Notes?

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