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First things first – I need to divulge something quite serious – I am slightly perturbed with this author…Kaiden’s release date landed on the FIRST day of my trip to Nashville! No big deal you think!?! Like I wasn’t supposed to start immediately reading it having almost died over the first book in the series, Xander… sooooo instead of calling me Kris I will forever be known as First to Bed Betty (I guess I could say a thank you for not having to purchase any hangover IV’s).

Down to business – was Kaiden as successful as Xander and were the leads as addictive? Yes and Yessssss. The reader has immediate compassion for Kaiden during his rescue in Xander. Torture and physical mutations left him with trust issues (obvi) and scars inside and out. Perhaps the most devastating was being unable to communicate telepathically with his twin, Gareth. Which brings me to this – why are twins so fascinating?! It’s like going through a fast food drive-thru and the cook decides to double down my burger and fries…for FREE♥ Watching the brothers still struggling after two years to find commonality with Kaiden’s disparate elements (cyborg chic – is it hot or not?) is gut wrenching but also heartwarming (besties forever).

As much as I love the twins – come on – Nisrine…Nisrine and Kaiden…Detonation in 3…2…1 Vivienne Savage knows, really knows, (like she probably has the formula to immortality-knows) how to develop a story where you feel the build, the tension – like electricity buzzing your skin before a lightning strike. The Nova Force cast does not need, they are not passive, they train, they fight, and they win – they don’t need love (or lust) to survive, but they certainly want it (thank you little tiny baby Jesus).

Savage is definitely an author to watch – and though she has several series, two I highly recommend checking out (Once Upon a Spell and American Goddess) – Nova Force is the one I have my eye trained on. If you would like to purchase either title in the Nova Force series, please help support my site and use the links below!! Thank you for stopping by!