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Excuse me while I Yawwwwwnnnn… (FYI, I’m not yawning out of boredom – lack of sleep people – LACK of SLEEP). I pulled an all-nighter because I had to finish The Darkest Warrior. Could. Not. Stop. Soooooooo, what up… Puck and Gillian? Gillian and William? Please, someone, beg me for spoilers – No? Fine. I can write code.

Let me see, a lot of readers will begin the most amazing work by Gena Showalter (I know – all amazing but I’m being dramatic) and out of nowhere, you’re hit with this “attraction thing” between Puck and Gillian (gasp) – scratch head – keep reading – whisper “the (Expletive)?” under breath – keep reading (eyes now glued like Elmer’s…hands like Eagle’s talons on the page) – another expletive (I assume stress reduces everyone’s vocabulary) – will not stop reading – eye tick begins – spouse asks for dinner (middle finger makes appearance) (blushing – ok, maybe that was only me) – you near the end – dying – finished – SATISFACTION!!!!!!!

Which brings me to this – Gena Showalter fans may think they have her all figured out, but, *hint – ya don’t. This author enthralls, her character development – next level, and it’s through these multi-dimensional characters that a dessert buffet of sweet chaos is offered. Lords of the Underworld – don’t leave home without them!

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