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Shannon Mayer hooked me with Larkspur, made promises with Rylee (we didn’t get friend engaged per se – but surely FB official), and now, she’s given me Pamela (no bended knee best friend proposal – but I feel a FOREVER♥MAYER tattoo may be in order…or #1Fan…too cliche?). A sprinter will not survive what I am dubbing the Tour de Mayer – gratification comes to the long distance trekkers – marathon readers who see a multi-series, all-connected saga, and think…challenge accepted…then this author is def your new BFF (and ffs…eat, sleep, and go to work (if you have to – I guess) while reading the cornucopia of books – this is a dedication to all things written by Shannon Mayer – she is addictive (**cough** dreams of FB besties) but still, there is no need to rush, possibly spoiling your health – or losing your job.

Aimless Witch is Pamela’s story of finding herself, finding her purpose and path, and facing the darkness within. Three years of wandering (where’s Alex) with her familiar Oka have taken the girl who ran from the destruction she and the Destroyer wrought to a young woman forged in steely determination. I like (where’s Alex) this new and improved Pam. She utilizes the lessons learned from Rylee, doesn’t shy away from studying her weaknesses, (where’s Alex) and though she mentions Richard’s seemingly endless supply of hope, it seems Pamela herself also hoards her own fair share. If I had to stress a particular takeaway from the first book in the Questing Witch series, it would have to be about building. Aimless Witch is always building, building relationships, building towards battles, building skills, building desire (AGAIN – where’s Alex), basically, building everything until, I assume, stuff’s going to get real – real fast in Caravan Witch!

To close – Shannon Mayer should have t-shirts with the phrase Sleep Destroyer on them – you can not put her books down.

I hope you enjoyed this review and that I have convinced you that you must read this series! If I have please help support my site and use the links below. Preorder book 2, Caravan Witch today!! Also, check out some of Shannon Mayer’s other series that made my┬áTop Picks list!!