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On the shady side of a serious note – I’ve never lost anyone extremely close to me, so Jade’s loss and her resulting methods of coping are immediately attention-grabbing. Continuing on with my initial thoughts – Jade’s friends Linnie, Robb, and Kimberly all support one another, lift one another up, and most importantly, they don’t judge each other during break-downs and bad decisions…however, look a little closer…Jade has issues, she doesn’t pretend she doesn’t. These issues have created certain boundaries (unhealthy yes, but her friends know) and when they try to push past the boundaries, Jade pushes right back – cue the hurt faces and Ice Queen slurs – then cue Jade feeling bad because she hurt them – totes double-standard but oh so #humannature… Gena Showalter has written dark, light, and grey parts to create the whole Oh My Goth world (maybe more dark parts- hello – goth in the title…It’s not Oh My Garden Party) but, and this is Real Talk, you will not soon forget the cast (and I say cast because it’s only a matter of time before this is made into a movie ***Note to self – tag #Netflix).

MC what’s what – Jade will ensorcell you – let it happen. From the get-go I believed Mercedes was a throw-away character – background noise – a transition to get Jade from point A to point B (like a magic carpet ride, but not near as cool as the one in Aladin). So shocker…Mercedes is an integral part of Jade’s story – therefore – relevant (the germ in germane)! I ♥♥♥ when an author is sneaky like that! What’s to say about Clarik (without coming off Cougar Creepy), there are layers upon layers with that boy… Suffice it to say, Showalter wants the reader to eat, drink, and live the mantra – Don’t judge a book by its cover. I’m def picking up what she’s throwing down!

***Btdubs Note – prior to reaching page 309…grab a tissue (you’ve been warned).

I read so many series that I am used to “the unresolved” and yet there is something so delicious about finality – Standalone’s Rock! I hope young and old, men and women, and Ice Queens and Drama Kings read Oh My Goth. It is a fantastic story with exceptional characters. Below you will find the link to order your copy now (Release date is September 4 – Check out my New Releases calendar for all the books coming our way soon)!! *Note-Gena Showalter sent a copy of Oh My Goth to read, enjoy, and review at my pleasure. I know that irregardless of how I got the book…I’m always true to the review!! Thanks for visiting! Come see me again♣