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I was undecided as to whether or not I would have the time to start another series – but come on – the team that makes up Vivienne Savage always throws heavy fire! Some books take a few chapters to catch my attention enough to put Everything else that needs doing on a back burner – The Hidden Court = #smitten… A list of my life while reading Paranormal University Files: Did dishes while reading. Ate while reading. Barely slept to read. On vacation – yep, reading. Went to the bathroom – still reading (TMI?). In case you’re not following – Savage rates high – like an 8.9 on the Richter Scale kinda high.

Skyler’s character is not over or underdone. She is a reader’s dream – you will want (need) to know everything about her. Skyler is who we all would like to be – intelligent, loving, when she’s scared she runs toward the danger, not away, and the type of friend we all wish we were and should be. As for her friends at PNRU (think Hogwarts College with a lot less magic stuff and way more hotness), this crew is deliciously all shades of different – plus ***Bonus – you want to know just as much about their lives as you do the MCs! If the next book in the series, The Scary Godmother bounces even close to the good feels of this one my next stop will be Vegas – I’ll be doubling down, ’cause this girl is feeling lucky♣♥♦♠

My book review goal is to make you want to read and fall in love with a new book as I have – If I’ve convinced you to try out The Paranormal Files series please help support my site and use the link below!! Thank you and come back to visit!