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I have A LOT of series where I look forward to each new release and Edward’s The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy saga is high up on the list! Readers all have favorite main characters – Grier is mine (and Linus! Even though I don’t believe we’ve seen all of his masks yet)! Even though I want to reach through my book and shake Grier, yelling “Don’t put off asking the questions because you’re not ready for the answers” – FTLOG! I’m ready!! Edwards takes you to the pinnacle of suspense, and you think this is the Eureka! moment – only to pull back the second before detonation – you want to┬árant, you want to groan at the near miss, and at each almost epiphany – almost connected missing, mystery link – almost breathless kiss…bam!! Hailey Edwards slams Pandora’s Box shut. You want to be pissed but find yourself smiling – dang she’s good♥

How to Dance an Undead Waltz is the fourth book in the series and I can’t say that it is better than its predecessors simply because they have all been equally well-written, addictive, and heart-poundingly delicious! I want (definitely Need) to have this story continue – Are you satisfied with how the fourth book ends? There is nary a doubt – YES! Will you want more – sure – but that isn’t disappointment in the overall storyline – it’s just an author who has sunk her addiction sigil laced claws into your reader’s heart…

Does Boaz still have a chance? Does Linus? Is there a new man? Awwwwe – how cute – you thought I might actually give something away😊I hope you are enjoying this series as much as I have (Grier seriously┬áneeds to be added to the food pyramid). I also hope you keep up with the author on Facebook! I believe she has a few surprises coming our way♥ If you haven’t ordered the fourth book yet, please help support my site and use the link below to get your copy. Thank you for stopping in and come back!