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I was surprised to find that the beginning of The Warrior Queen, after the revelation of Deven’s existence in the Void, did not start more explosively (and with warrior in the title – I instantly made Kalinda into a Spartan BA straight off the set of 300), but it has a brittleness to it, a grey, filmy covering if you will… Where was the fire (the shield wall!!!)? And then, at the moment I’m looking around like Kevin Sorbo on the set of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (See video below😊)

…BOOM – it happens – a conflagration erupts – and the finale to The Hundredth Queen series burns hot! I would like to apologize for ever doubting the writing skill of Emily R. King -obviously, there had to be a smidge of build-up before Gerard Butler (I mean Kali) debuted… What can I say, I got greedy for excessive, immediate intensity! I finally realized, for me at least, that the morose genesis to Warrior was probably Kalinda’s depression – and after re-reading the first few chapters (without my Trojan horse glasses) King did a masterful job at conveying how oppressive Kali’s situation is.

There are many (many, many, many) characters I would love to discuss here, and how their roles changed – BUT, it would give too much away, so I won’t (sigh…). However, one thing that was different about The Warrior Queen from Rogue (that I can discuss) was the addition of Ashwin’s voice being heard! Before the chapters were divided between Kalinda and Deven. The added Ashwin chapters give the reader more insight into his real character, not how others perceive him…it was enlightening. It gives the reader something that we didn’t even know we needed!

***Note to author – Tinley’s story would make an AMAZING spinoff series♥ (and Bravo for making me love the supporting characters)

The Hundredth Queen is a well-written series from beginning to end (despite my momentary (minute really) lapse of faith). I am thrilled to have read it and to now wholeheartedly recommend it. If you still need to order your copy, please help support my site and use the link below. Thank you for visiting and come again!