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I managed to squeeze in another Ghostwalker novel between the plethora of new releases piling up on my desk (picture a brightly colored, hardcover hutch) – Ok – I just lied…not about the book pile-up, but I didn’t do any squeezing to get Street Game read – I shoved everything else out of my way so I could dive into the Ghostwalker world for the eighth time! It’s just that once you start – you become like – an honorary Ghostwalker – and those tough muthas aren’t quitters, which means (hello!) I won’t be one either😊

Mack and Jaimie’s story started out way different than the others so far…dun dun dun…I’ll just say, Mack, ya screwed up boyo! Oh, and Street Game introduces a new Ghostwalker unit (Javier has def piqued my interest – which, while we’re on the subject, why does he rate so high on my interest scale? It’s not like he’s described as a mountainous man-o-muscle…and I can assure you I don’t crush on teenageresque characters – it has to be me wanting to know what he is truly like when he’s not trying to act like a kid and what his carefree quips hide…). Bonus – we’ve met one of the team already…KANE!!! Feehan gives us a smidgen of his story and I can’t wait to know what’s what – excited!

Is it just me or do you just love to hate Peter Whitney??? I mean – yeah – psycho – but the man is a born matchmatcher. Has he been wrong yet??? (If you ignore the mega-amoral side experiments of course) There is still soooooo much Whitney conundrum yet to be discovered – talk about an author playing the long Game of a con. Every time I review a Feehan novel I have to give a shout to what an amazing writer she is. Of course, there are some characters that a reader will relate to more, but this series has become something to me…an addiction? a comfortable friend? a late night steamy cocktail? We’ll go with all the above. So, in conclusion (cough), Street Game is 5 stars all the way – the series is smokin’, and I’m dying to begin #9! (btdubs – I only looked ahead twice that one time so I don’t know what’s coming my way in Ruthless Game)

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