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Who else is happy Andor decided to leave the lonely monastery in the Carpathian Mountains?! Christine Feehan’s Carpathian novels in the Dark series are like a best friend (but better). Dark Sentinel is the THIRTY-SECOND book readers have been lucky enough to receive, and with all Feehan releases, they do not have an ebb and flow in greatness – they are all an Elijah Craig Small Batch Barrel Proof shot on New Year’s, Reeces heart-shaped Valentine cups (the best shape – 2nd maybe to Christmas tree shape), Easter sugar cookies, a Jameson Black Barrel shot in celebration of May warmth, 4th of July Trifle and Fireworks, a Glenmorangie 18yr shot on a scorching August evening, October caramel apples, a Glenlivet XXV shot in preparation for the holidays, Thanksgiving pecan pie (and maybe pumpkin, apple, cherry), and opening Christmas presents, Bloody Mary in hand! Yes – all 32 books in this series rate THAT high!

Andor and Lorraine’s story began unexpectedly – as Andor was physically sidelined, Lorraine had to hold the fort down – and did a damn fine job of it! Any story involving an ancient – sign me up! Plus, Feehan created a dynamite backstory for Lorraine. Her story was touching and thought-provoking. Without giving anything away, it made me evaluate how I think of someone in her situation and hope I would be a better person than those in Lorraine’s world. Getting back to the ancients…Ferro…Ferro…Ferro…yes I know this is a review for Andor but when I hear that a hunter is the oldest and the most badass of all the ancients…I fear Sergey implanted a one-track mind device somewhere on my body…so difficult to stay the review course…must resist…perhaps if Ferro was to check…must resist…Andor-Andor-Ferro-Andor.

The skinny – Dark Sentinel is just over 400 pages but feels like 50. So hard to put down! It’s over and within 3 seconds…jonesing for #33 will begin. #FeehanFanForLife
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