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My Ghostwalker walk-about just strolled by mile marker 10 – I loved visiting Ryland’s team again in Samurai Game! You don’t realize how much you miss interaction with OG characters until they’re back! (Still… I really, really, really wanted Javier’s story 😭) Sam is as genuinely gallant as predicted from previous books and his character brings a steadiness to the storyline that even Azami’s Samurai zen did not. However, I have to say, from the first introduction to the last word of the book, Azami is captivating – Feehan yet again shows serious skill at creating sky-scraper level characters… we’re given a hundred floors of nuance with Azami – she is purposeful, calm, battles inner demons while maintaining poise, she’s smooth, deadly, and off-the-charts intelligent (and we can’t forget she’s a Sam Magnet).

Samurai Game is a mix of The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi, 007esque weaponry, and Congo naughties – summary – killing it. Feehan also touches on the not so cinematic side of darkness – the in your face brutality of child abuse. We thought Peter Whitney could not disgust and horrify us more… he does… all in gagging detail. Feehan makes the reader acknowledge the cruelties subjected on children – the depth of depravity that humans are capable. This series continually deals with crimes against our fellow man, and although fiction, monsters do exist. Bravo to the author for spotlighting awareness! ***Note – I wonder if Peter Whitney is actually dead and the monster is a clone – or maybe an evil twin???…

As expected, this is another superbly written Ghostwalker novel – I’ve already got #11 locked and loaded on my Kindle!! If you need to order Samurai Game the link is provided below. Thank you for visiting and come again! If you would like to receive a notification when I post new reviews please use the link at the bottom of the page.