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Christine Feehan’s Ghostwalker novel #11 – Viper Game ✔️ Mission to read all of the Ghostwalker novels – still a Go. One would assume (before you ask – yes, I’ve heard about what happens when ASSUME is involved) at this point in the series that we had surely met all the Ghostwalkers – obviously, we met Wyatt in Night Game, but whoa – here come the Fortunes brothers, Trap, and Draden! I mean… this series may well have the potential for the longest running saga of all time – and what do I think of that? 🙏 Thank you Little Tiny Baby Jesus 🙏

Wyatt and Pepper – a Bayou match made in swamp heaven. When I read that the Viper Game was Wyatt’s story I never believed for a minute that his character could hold my interest like his brother Gator did. Wow, so wrong! The Fontenot’s are hiding many a mystery (Nonny included)(and when Wyatt says he has a bit of a runaway rage issue – believe him…)!! I devoured this story like it was a flat-out novella. Pepper and her three curly-topped charges are the heart-warming cherries on top. Something I loved that Feehan did much more in this book – more than in past Ghostwalker novels – is carefully weaving in the twelfth book. Spider Game is Trap and Cayenne’s story and it was an unexpected bonus to get a look ahead of what was coming! This is simple conjecture on my part, but did anyone else think it odd that Pepper’s actual name is Le Poivre de Cayenne? Hmmmmmmm. Feehan may be dropping clues…

As always I can’t say enough about how good this series is. The reader will always walk away hungering for more! The link to buy Viper Game is below (although I feel like I am probably the last person on Earth to read it…my bad). Also, if you are interested in receiving emails when I post a new review there is a Subscribe box at the bottom of the screen. Thank you for stopping by!