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Before I get into the E and B power couple, I have to give a shout-out to Grace Fontenot (Nonny) – though she has always come across as a strong character, and I’m quite sure adored by all, it was a treat to have her so prominently set the tone in Power Game. Finagling Ezekiel into doing her bidding while he knows she’s being dishonest moderately truthful, made me LOL♥ I love that Feehan can make an eighty-year-old character just as memorable as the young-guns. Grace not only set the tone but put her heartwarmingly, gruff touch on the conclusion… (happy sigh) There is no witty remark for Nonny – her character is just a pleasure to read.

Ezekiel – ferociously cared for his two younger brothers growing up… no cost to himself was too high… and he still loves and wants to protect them – heart palpitations – Enter Bellisia – Ezekiel’s paired mate (thanks for that Dr. Whitney, but you’re still a whacko douche-canoe) – fireworks begin, chemistry, protector mode engaged, smiles, poison, underwater marathons, other types of marathons… all taking place under copious amounts of supersoldier assaults – equals – perfection.

*Note – No boredom can be found in the Ghostwalker series. No dull moments, poorly written scenes, or cliched characters. Nada. Feehan packs heavy artillery every time.

The thirteenth Ghostwalker novel has been put to bed and soon I will embark upon Covert Game… soooo, I thought it was an incredible idea to dive into this series and literally have my way with it… now that I only have one left (gulp) I’m not so sure it was the best decision. (what have I done…😲)

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