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Did anyone wonder if J. R. Ward’s new Firefighter series would measure up to BDB? Well, I didn’t – hello – not insane (uncertainty shall never spring where Ward doth dwell). Of course, it was going to be amazing! Ward and firefighters – really – was there ever a doubt?! Consumed will consume you (yes, this is a clichéd statement, however, what’s to be done – it may be truth banality – but truth is truth dammit!). Ward did her due diligence with research. Readers will wonder if Anne represents Ward – was the author a firefighter before writing? perhaps in a past life? It is exhausting to grasp the talent, determination, and forbearance to get this story right, but she so did. There are breakdowns in familial relationships, bonds of brotherhood (and sisterhood), self-doubt, courage (in abundance), truth (ugly and grand), mystery, heartache and love, and of course, consuming fire!

Danny and Anne are stand-out characters. You will sigh at their thoughts, feel inner turmoil at their distress, and cheer their achievements. As if two appreciable main’s aren’t enough, Ward gives you so many, many characters to wonder (and worry) over. Tom, Anne’s brother is a big one. His story is going to be very interesting to see unfold (FTLOG, someone please tell me book 2 is imminent). There is one leading male role in the book that I have yet to see other reviewers praise – the one who made me keep a dish towel pressed to my eyes to soak up the tears… and that man would be Soot. Yes, he is a dog. No, I am not lying. Yes, I am a dog lover. Even if you aren’t a canine connoisseur, reading Soot’s story had to get you a smidge misty – if it did not move you – please be advised – you may be a cyborg…

Overall, 5 stars, my best rating, does not capture how much I enjoyed this book and how much I think you will as well. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, I have the link below. As always, thank you so much for visiting! If you haven’t subscribed to my website you can do that now at the bottom of this page and then you will receive email notifications when I post a new review!