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My fourteen book Ghostwalker journey has ended with Covert Game! I don’t care really (yes I do…I am literally dying! DYING!! Someone wake me when Toxic Game releases). Now I’ll have a lot more time for other things like eating, sleeping, and talking to my family (who needs food, shuteye, and familial hugs – needy much?). I feel quite peaceful actually. I am slowly coming to terms that I am not an honorary Ghostwalker (although I was getting decent at hiding in the shadows to read). This is just like any other detox (I did stop drinking pop, soooooo0), it will get better. I suppose a review is in order (FYI, still salty that Javier’s story is MIA).

Dr. Amityville (aka Peter Whitney) hasn’t gotten a pairing wrong yet (well…Joe’s wasn’t exactly a gift…maybe next time?.?.?)! Zara and Gino♥ Gino is scary but definitely in a good (smoking hot) way. If he doesn’t have business cards repping BAMOFO as his credentials… he should. Zara’s character was trickier for me. It took a lot longer to be completely drawn to her like a was with, say, Cayenne but I think it took me seeing her journey progression, and its eventual outcome, to really, really like her. Maybe it was her neediness, although, what Gino wants Gino gets, and he wanted/needed a woman like Zara. All in all, no complaints. When you aren’t even remotely tired of a series after book fourteen – you aren’t going to get tired. Feehan is #addiction.

On a more serious note – Feehan always includes powerful messages in her books. She makes you think about issues that, for most, are difficult to comprehend, let alone live through. In this installment she really goes after human trafficking – it is hard to read, especially the scenes from the Razor’s Edge club. The reader knows this book is fiction but the reality that these types of horrific crimes against men, women, and children happen in real life makes you physically ill. Should the author have gone into such graphic detail? Absolutely! We naturally want to shy away from uncomfortable subjects, however, we need to be aware… it should be on our minds.

***Note – Without going on a spoiler rampage – for those that have read Covert Game, did you want to tell Bellisia to shut it a couple of times?! I mean, dissing on the #Trapenne combo was so not right. Trap and Cayenne’s relationship may seem kinda crazy but honestly, who couldn’t take a daily dose of that?!

I hope you enjoyed my Ghostwalker journey! It will continue once again with the release of Toxic Game March 12, 2019! The link for both books are below. Thank you for stopping by. If you would like to receive notifications of when I post reviews there is a Subscribe Now section at the bottom of the page.