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Who doesn’t love an author that gives her fans novellas?! Donna Grant’s Dark Kings series has long been a favorite and I look forward to each new release – add novellas to that bounty – you have a year-round cornucopia centerpiece for that Thanksgivingscape (my mom actually had one when I was growing up – I understood the meaning behind it – but come on, some traditions are just too unattractive – my advice, feel warm and fuzzy with your Grant bounty – don’t stick it in an oddly shaped wicker horn)! Dragon Night 13.5 is Dorian’s story – Loved – Knew I would, of course… I normally kinda dislike full-on history recaps, however, the timing was perfect for one and needed as we get deeper into the mysterious group lobbing hatemail at Dreagan. Alexandra Sheridan was a perfect, class-act character. The reader can enjoy her intellect and feel for her loneliness (although, I admit to loving Meg! I mean, that woman was not only the best assistant but friend – stand-out supporting actress (in a completely fictional book series) goes to….).

*Note – Did anyone think Rhi seemed different? I understand she’s running out of patience, but she also seemed, idk how to explain… just less herself, not as cool under pressure, something was off for me (I don’t think I’m the only fan who lives for Rhi excerpts!)… Comment here, my fb page or Twitter!

I have links below for this novella, the not yet released full novel, Dragonfire (Roman’s story is coming October 30, 2018!!), and the next novella (14.5), Dragon Claimed (Cináed’s story will release January 15, 2019). Subscribe Now at the bottom of the page or in the menu tab to get an email when I post a new review! Thank you for stopping by!!