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The mystery of what drove Conner to leave the rainforest and work for Jake in Burning Wild has been answered – and her name is Isabeau. Talk about mission gone wrong (unintentional but still a total flustercluck 💔) In Wild Fire, Conner answers Rio’s call to arms, he finds himself back in the Panama rainforest with a mission that could cost him everything… Did anyone think Isabeau would not forgive Conner? Raise of hands… Of course, she was going to forgive him!! Who could say no to Conner?!

The Leopard series is just like all of Feehan’s other series – which means… Amazing, Adrenalizing, Aggressive (triple-A – not just for automobile roadside assistance…)!!

Listen, I’ve read 4,000 of Christine Feehan’s books (ok… not 4,000, but soooo close) and there is one thing that I know I’m going to get each and every time – complete satisfaction. No matter the series, the genre, the subject matter, or the publication date – you’ll set the book down at its end and a feeling of satisfaction will wash over you. It does help that her writing skill and research game are shockingly good.  If you are a longtime fan of Feehan’s then you already know – if you haven’t tried her books yet, then I hope you do.

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