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Shades of Wicked starts out with a questionable piercing – and ends with my nails bitten to the quick! This book is full throttle – no brakes provided – each scene is capable of whiplash (even the… aah… racy bits) 🖤🖤🖤 If I could time travel just once, I would jet to the future, July 30, 2019, to be exact – the second book in the Night Rebel series drops on that day (yeah, I would use my futuristic travel voucher for that).

Did I mention I’m writing this review, lying on my office couch, in a partial faint, unsuccessfully asking for water (no one can understand me due to the partial shock paralysis)? Can a book ending induce immobility? Better yet, should a book capable of causing such havoc come without a warning label? I am fairly new to this author (yes, yes… save the gasps for the bafflingly belated), however, I am sooooo not disappointed to have jumped into Frost’s Night Rebel series! I devoured every moment, each character, fell in love with Ian and Veritas, and I certainly wouldn’t regift a Simargl if I happened to be given one.

*Note – Frost literarily slays – and slays it hard.

I am officially in the fan club (late in joining as I may be) and though I am leaning toward the book being magically spelled (open the cover and #NoEscape), by fair means or foul – I’m hooked.

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