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Bittersweet. If I were to describe Oracle’s Haunt, the fourth installment of Shannon Mayer’s Desert Cursed series as a taste, it would go something like this – a biting, acerbic note paired with a smooth, gratifying hint of caramel (I watched Food Network last night…). Good Lord! I just finished the book and I’m already starved for more!! If you want to know what you’ll experience – that’s easy – pleasure mingled with pain, the embracing of destiny and the letting go of expectations, frayed hope and strengthened friendships – sooooo – quite a lot Image result for yin yang emoji

It should be noted here – HELLO! This is Zam’s story… there’s all that stuff above, but there is also laughter, snide remarks, ex-husband bashing (testicular constricting), Shakespearian quoting, and unending (seriously unending) adventures journeys ass-kicking, shit storms 😵

I have written about this in other reviews – but the triangle seems to be 2018’s shape of the year! Ahhhhh, the love trifecta – it shouldn’t make me so happy but damn… it does.

Desert Cursed is an addictive series and I can not wait for the fifth book (for reasons too numerous to mention here, plus they would all be spoilers – soooo). If you haven’t gotten Oracle’s Haunt yet, the link is below – you can choose Kindle (for instantaneous gratification – or a hard copy and bite your nails for two days). Thank you for stopping in and remember to Subscribe Now! and receive emails when I post new reviews.