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There is just something about a Christine Feehan novel set in the bayou swamps. Feehan is always on her game, but the woman shoots lava injected fireworks when gators are involved! No one will convince me that this setting is not her favorite place on the planet… I was oh, soooooo stoked to find out Savage Nature was Drake’s story… and then I was like – what in the hell is he doing in Louisianna – totally unexpected!!

Of course, there is always some sort of mystery to solve, however, in this installment I did not figure it out until the very end (and that was after I read it – so ‘figuring it out’ is maybe a poor choice of words). This = the BEST type of mystery – I mean, you don’t go into a Leopard’s novel thinking… I better dig out my Sherlock Holmes gear just in case… There is murder, exotic flowers, water mocassins, lair dysfunction, Han Vol Dan, steam, rain, smoke, mate marking, loyalty, and betrayal! The reader will get a kick out of Saria’s independence and All Things Swamp knowledge – not what I saw coming Drake’s way – but what fun to see those two circle one another!

*Note – I’ll give you five extra reasons to read  Savage Nature: Remy, Dash, Mahieu, Gage, Lojos

*Note – I finished this book in time last night to write the review but I had already downloaded Leopard’s Prey on my Kindle and decided to write it this morning instead… what was I supposed to do??? Not start Remy’s story???

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