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The seventh installment in the Leopard series, Cat’s Lair, was quite different than its predecessors. Did I enjoy it? Yes… sort of… okay, there was some enjoyment, just not nearly as much as the others. It didn’t have enough oompth, no in-depth storyline, and there was something with Eli that I didn’t connect with. Everyone knows I am a huge Christine Feehan fan, there are always going to be a few things fans disagree with.

What was the focus of the novel? Sex – and you might be thinking, I can live with that, but without a strong story to sink your teeth into, it falls flat. This may not be everyone’s take, but it was mine. Eli and Cat are solid characters (Cat more so). The character that gained my attention the most (and this is awkward) was the antagonist, Cordeau. Why? I asked myself that the entire book – Cordeau… is not a good guy – he allowed his leopard to dominate, he is a killer, he has no moral compass, his business is everything a thinking person despises, and yet… I found myself wondering, is he this way because of a torturous upbringing? Is he so psychotic because of past wounds too grievous to overcome? We see glimpses of a man who would do anything to keep Cat safe – in his own way he loved her – truly.

I wanted him to find Cat. I wanted her to give him the love he so desperately needed. I knew he had gone too far criminally to ever be allowed to live – and yet I wanted his ending to be peaceful I guess, what he never had in life. Do you see?! I spent a lot of time thinking about a man that, in reality, should have remained as a threatening backdrop. So… if it was the author’s intent to royally screw with my head… nailed it!! If not, then consider this 7th book as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich featuring massive strawberry jam and only a smear of pb… Everyone loves jam – but come on – it is all about the peanut butter.

Would I skip this book? No! That’s quitter talk – stay the course. The next book isĀ Wild Cat, Elijah Lospostos’s story – and I have a feeling it is going to blow minds! If you need to buy Cat’s Lair (Kindle too), the link is below. If you want to receive emails when I post, Subscribe Now! Thank you for stopping in!