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I knew Elijah’s story would be killer – I so 💙 when I’m right! Wild Cat has all the ingredients for a scary good storyline. We already invested in Drake’s security team – from the extraction of rainforest abduction victims to breaking apart crime bosses in the states – so when Elijah became a Kingpin/part of Drake’s cadre… perfection! Elijah may be one of the biggest names in crime, but his new double agent role is as deadly and adrenaline pumping as it sounds!

Siena is also mired in crime family drama – but… my, my, my… there’s been only one leading man in her life (at least in her head) since she was fifteen 😲 (don’t call the cops yet – purely fantasy) Talk about a coming of age modern drama – Siena gets another chance to meet Elijah (finally) and it’s all, no biggie, just dropping something off, hitn’ the gym later, kinda in a rush (hoping it’s not too rushed) and then… well… without spoiling anything… yeah, didn’t go as planned (like seriously… did. not. go. as. planned) (trainwreck) (interstate 100 car pileup) (Bermuda triangle) (ugly crying) (Jane Austen definitely DID NOT write this scene). Okay… I believe we’re good here.

Elijah skates a very, very fine line between right and wrong and that makes this eighth installment in the Leopard series just right! Bonus – we meet Alonzo AND his story is the next!!

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