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You know how each book in a single series follow a timeline, could maybe be a standalone, but certainly more understandable and cohesive to read as a unit, and how they tend to be cast from the same mold? At the beginning of the Leopard series Feehan led me to believe that she would follow this well-trodden die-cast path – and then the geography changed, dialects were culturally varied, storylines veered east then west, north then south, keep going and rainforests give way to bayou swamps, Texas ranches, bake shops, plantations, and mafia-style Kingpin(land)! Molds can and are broken in Feehan’s world. Having made it to the ninth book, Leopard’s Fury, there are glimpses of Russian ruggedness on the horizon… and… I’m so okay with it!

Alonzo and Evangeline (you’ll remember her from Drake and Saria’s story, Savage Nature) – the small tidbits sprinkled about Evangeline did pique my interest and I was excited when I saw her story was up next… but… I will admit to quite a fixation with Alonzo… come on, the silent, cold stares, emotionless, icy mask, mystery in the history… Umm, okay, I guess I’ll read it (jk, was dying to read it). The cast of characters surrounding the mains upped their game! So, here is what I know that I can share without spoiling anything. Evangeline persevered through a hellacious childhood and opened her dream bake shop in Texas ( I can’t talk about her leopard because there is something different and special with this one!), Alonzo’s men are interesting (aka hot and scary) (can’t elaborate on them or Alonzo too much – zero spoilage), Jake, Eli, and Elijah are all still extremely bossy, Joshua is taking to his Kingpin role superbly (and his story is next!), and Siena and triplets are still healthy (I know what she’s having but I’m not telling).

This series keeps building and building on itself – I never know where Feehan will lead me, which makes the Leopard Novels too good to put down. Thank you as always for stopping by. The link is below if you need to purchase this title. If you want to receive emails when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!