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I told myself – do not read Birds of a Feather the first day it comes out – you’ll be mad at yourself – you’ve been anticipating its release – practice self-restraint – book fasting a favorite author is good for you -I lasted ’til 3 pm (which technically is a long time from when I got up…). What was new about the third book in the Paranormal University Files series? For starters, it was completely off campus and it was all written from Gabriel’s perspective. Having the whole story through his eyes is brilliant. At first, I was like, could I just have a small part where I hear Skylar?! Then I realized, I did hear her, just differently. We obviously had Gabriel’s point of view before, but never for too long, and seeing Skylar’s actions and reactions through his eyes alone deepened her character for me as well Gabe’s.

The storyline follows the two during their summer break, and is quite a bit shorter, giving it a novellaesque feel – a transition if you will. Do not let the ‘summer break’ fool you, it’s not all holding hands and coffee shops. There are some intense fighting scenes, Hidden Court breakthroughs (still so many questions!), vampire red rooms (no thanks – okay… maybe… once), betrayal, family gathering angst, kidnappings, shared hotel rooms (whoops, no spoilers), and exes from Texas (any George Strait fans). Basically, this book is small but oh so mighty.

*Note – I will attempt not to be an annoying fangirl and sit on the author’s FB page with a huge set of sad googly eyes – don’t mind me…just waiting patiently for more Skyler and Gabriel… so patient 👀

If you are fans of Hailey Edwards or Shannon Mayer then add the Vivienne Savage team to your list of must reads! If you need to order this title (or the first two!) the links are below. Thank you so much for stopping by and if you would like to receive emails when I post, Subscribe Now!