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Death Knell, The Foundling Series… Okay – Let us begin with “the Ending” (air quotes intended). This is clearly author entrapment (Harvard Law surely teaches this in one of their classes). I’ve considered crying foul – has Edwards managed to spell her books?… a magic manipulation (is Grier involved – you do know Grier right??? If you don’t and you are one of my subscribers – email me – you need help). I have been obsessed with this series (I want a Death Knell t-shirt). All three books, every page, every word keeps your body vibrating with barely controlled tremors – it’s theatre, as in motion picture. The characters to me are all main’s – are there any secondary’s?? How. Does. Edwards. Do. It.

Before writing this review I reread my review for Bone Driven – no wonder my mind has literally been in stasis waiting for this third installment – Oh, Hailey Edwards – you aren’t just killing me slowly… you’re killing me cruelly (with dull spoons), cold sweats, heart palpitations, nightmares – I scream at Luce in my dreams… Ask!!!! At least one question running through your mind!! I have the same damn questions FTLOG!!

Despite bodily reactions and breakdowns upon endings, Foundling is a diamond of the first water. Luce and Cole have history and chemistry, secrets (… big ones) but working toward full-disclosure. Where does Adam Wu fit in? Nevermind, any questions I front are all answered with, IDK. Finally, there is always that background buzz of passion (think Hive level on speed) and no, I will give no details here💋

*Note – Some readers may be wondering if it is too dangerous to continue with this series (…enthrallment, etc., etc., etc.). I assure you, it is safe (kind of) and really… we all know we have no choice. Just be thankful there is no caloric intake when devouring an Edward’s book.

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