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It’s 27°F – why am I sweating? Right… I just finished The Darkest Captive – Galen and Legion – mic drop – they may have broken my Kindle…

I consider novellas the naughty teasers of a series (usually) but for the Lords of the Underworld, its business as usual. No matter the length (<cough> size still matters) each Gena Showalter installment packs a punch, comes to play and takes no prisoners (someone unzipped my Idiom pants). I have never read an author where the characters’ conversations, texts, letters, etc., literally have me dying! I dare you to read ANY book in this series and not laugh out loud… inconceivable (said in my best Princess Bride Vizzini voice).

I do not believe there is an Underworld character that has a unicorns and daisies past. How each character decides to deal with their bygone abuse and dirty deed dejections is what makes Showalter novels keepers. Months come and go without an Underworld fix, but the moment a new release hits the market, and that first page is read, I realize how very much I missed this world. No need to stumble around Google looking for a quick synopsis of previous books to ‘remember’ what happened last time – trust me – you’re brain has already downloaded a G.S. Compendium app.

*Note – Any person struggling to overcome past, present or future problems – take a note from the men and women of the Underworld cast… laughter, friends and family may not fix everything, but they sure keep the struggle bus moving💙

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