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How to Live and Undead Lie… Absolutely brilliant – so basically, the same ole’ same ole’ Hailey Edwards – business as usual. I wanted to get this review out as quickly as I could but I kept setting it down and forcing myself to walk away. I didn’t want it to be over, but short of throwing on a sheet and wearing a black plague mask with incense in the beak before going for a hike and then getting arrested for erratic behavior to keep me from my Kindle – it is, in fact, over… my inner feeding frenzy wasn’t playing.

So, I finished… and guess what… I’m not wallowing and moaning on the kitchen floor (I’ve never actually done that… I’ve seen it happen to other readers though… really sad). With the last page read, I can tell you this – was my heart rate elevated by all the goings on? Yes (I’ve previously mentioned the need for this author to have a warning label but no one listens…)! Was I also satisfied, happy (I smiled a LOT), content even? Yes, yes and yes! I was also pondering the labyrinth of ramifications from all the mind-blowing reveal bombs and how the main characters were ever going to claw their way out of Grier’s ever-present s*%@-storm.

Spoilers are a concern with this fifth installment (every word, glance, and eyebrow lift leads… somewhere…). If I tell you one thing, a lightbulb will go off, and you will inadvertently know something else… So I just won’t take any chances, but I can’t wait to hear what other #HaileyMancers think!! I can and will tell you that I have kind of been ho-hum over revisiting Amelie (she and Boaz… dead to me…) but she is slowly making a comeback in my esteem – so bonus (Boaz can still take a black plague mask hike – and yes… I’m aware it isn’t really a thing but it sounds miserable)! Grier and Linus, are, as always, written so well it’s almost embarrassing to admit how attached a reader can become to them (I’m attached… so attached 🙋‍♀️). Grier’s story, and I suppose Linus’ as well, is all about perseverance and overcoming past hurts and wounds- which is serious stuff people – but when an author like Edwards is at the helm – flat. out. comedy. 💙💙💙

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