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Fool’s Gold, the second installment in the Daughter of Fortune series, is set to release January 8, 2019. I had the pleasure of reviewing an ARC!
*Note – I would like to thank the author for sending me the advanced reader copy of Fool’s Gold.
*Note – I would like an apology from the author for sending me the advanced reader copy of Fool’s Gold before I started my Christmas baking… (surely my neighbors don’t expect freshly baked goods every year).

The highlights according to moi: Thieves’ Guilds… Elven and otherwise (who knew unions of deception could be so well-accepted), reminiscent of D&D (Dungeons & Dragons…), luxurious showers – not only for cleanliness, what dragons wear under their scales (not much as it happens), cliff leaps of faith are for the insane, the bold, masochists or half-djinn, magical mechanisms with steampunk dreams, mention of wraiths make a persons inner LOTR squeak, dragons do not mind workout sweat (…not elaborating), and poison sluices off a dragon like water off a duck’s back (kinda sorta, sometimes, not always).

*Note – I enjoyed catching a peek of Rosalia’s mother during the mini history jaunts – Dahlia obviously passed her card-carrying membership of badassery to her daughter💙💙💙

World creating series are always impressive and Domino Taylor is meticulous with her detail. Characters, languages, international faux pas, local delicacies, magic weaving, and royal government espionage – Daughter of Fortune is a well-oiled mechanical wonder. I was enthralled with All That Glitters but this second installment surpassed expectations. Rosalia and Xavier come together beautifully on the page, but they still work separately – though they want the same end goals, their former lives and livelihoods didn’t end when they met – so basically, we get to follow them individually and together!

Whether writing as part of the Vivienne Savage team or on her own, Domino Taylor’s solo series Daughter of Fortune is killing it! I’ve included both links for the series below. Remember – the Savage team is all about genre-benders and addiction makers! The 7th book in their Once Upon a Spell series comes out in just a few weeks, Sea Witch and the Magician! As if this isn’t enough bounty, the first book in the Kingdom in the Sea series dropped this month – Click on the link for Return to Atlantas below! If you would like to receive an email when I release new reviews Subscribe Now! Thank you so much for stopping in!